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Tandberg Data Unveils New LTO-6 Tape Family Print
November 2012

Singapore (November 21, 2012): - Tandberg Data, the global supplier of data protection and archiving solutions, today announced the availability of its new LTO-6 tape drives, tape automation and media products.  The new Tandberg Data LTO-6 tape solutions provide increased capacity, performance and functionality for small and medium-sized businesses looking to better manage data growth and reduce storage costs.  Offering twice the cartridge capacity as the previous generation, the new Tandberg Data LTO-6 tape drive delivers up to 6.25TB of compressed cartridge capacity and speeds of up to 1.4TB per hour, simplifying data protection and archiving operations (based on a 2.5:1 compression ratio). With LTO-6, the Tandberg Data StorageLoader® is offering up to 50TB, the StorageLibrary™ T24 up to 150TB and the StorageLibrary™ T40+ up to 250TB of compressed storage.

As with previous generations of LTO technology, the new LTO-6 tape products are backwards write/read compatible for one generation and backwards read compatible for two generations. All LTO-6 tape products will support 256-bit AES hardware encryption and WORM for regulatory compliance. LTO-6 tape drives will support LTFS (Linear Tape File System) technology with up to two partitions on a single data cartridge, allowing users to store different file types in different locations on each tape to reduce access times. The Tandberg Data LTO-6 tape drive is available with a SAS or FC interface and is offered in standalone or automation configurations.

LTO-6 Tape Automation Saves Time and Money

The Tandberg Data StorageLoader and StorageLibrary Series with LTO-6 allow customers to shorten backup windows, simplify storage management, advance data protection, improve compliance and significantly reduce storage costs through active archiving.  The Tandberg Data StorageLoader is a compact tape autoloader offering eight slots and up to 50TB of compressed storage. The Tandberg Data StorageLibrary T24 is a compact tape library offering 12 or 24 slots and up to 150TB of compressed storage.

The Tandberg Data StorageLibrary T40+ is a scalable tape library offering 24 or 40 slots and up to 250TB of compressed storage. The StorageLibrary T40+ Pass-Thru feature enables up to five StorageLibrary T40+ units to be stacked together, increasing the number of slots from 40 to 77, 114, 151 or 188 slots, to provide customers with capacity-on-demand and performance-on-demand.  Customers can add additional drives and capacity when required, allowing StorageLibrary T40+ capacity to be increased up to 1.2PB and performance up to 28.8TB per hour.

Tandberg Data LTO-6 tape drives and tape automation products are fully compatible with all major operating systems and backup software.

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