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Why Should We Buy Compucon? Print

Corporate, business and professional customers buy and use Compucon for the following values:

Fitness for purposes (FFP)
Compucon systems are built to specification within a pre-qualification regime and conforming to open standards and industry best practices. Quality is "fitness for purposes". Customers define purposes and Compucon provides engineering and workmanship to meet the specification.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
Compucon exercises design and quality control measures to reduce workmanship failure almost to zero (since absolute zero is not realistic) and employs components from official sources. The outcome is a major reduction of the cost of maintenance, cost of frustration and loss of business.

Business Purpose Fulfilment (BPF)
Compucon focuses on the professional, business and corporate market sectors that have the highest requirements on zero mistakes, cost-effectiveness and return-on-investment. Compucon has thus established an infrastructure to facilitate the attainment of these values.

Real Life Experience (RLE)
Compucon offers the highest standard of services including the supply of computers, servicing of operating computers and communication with customers. We value customer relationships, as their success is our success. Our corporate culture is built on efficiency, reliability, honesty, and respect.

International brands compete on branding and global relationships. Local brands compete on price and advertising. Compucon competes on Fitness for Purposes, Total Cost of Ownership, Business Purpose Fulfilment and Real-life Experience. Collectively, Compucon offers a total package that no other computer hardware supplier has contemplated. Compucon has steadily served the professional and business sector for over 20 years in New Zealand and customers have labelled our standard of service as legendary.