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2014-07 Compucon Team Beliefs & Behaviours Print
July 2014
The points below were taken from Compucon Quality Management Manual QMII 01/10/03.  All team members subscribe to these BELIEFS and new employees go through an induction process that includes an expression of agreement or disagreement to these points.  The list was constructed by team members initially and maintained as a team effort.


• Participate -- say what you believe
• Work to know who will do what and by when
• Do what you say you're going to do
• Take initiative!

• Actively listen and acknowledge other’s viewpoint
• Recognize the value of other’s job
- Ask for other’s help understanding that they have their priorities
• Sensitive to other’s culture
• Be friendly and thoughtful to all


• Recognize others' contributions and successes
• Cooperate with fellow staff members and support them
• Support joint decisions and strategic objectives

• Encourage thinking "outside the box"
• Encourage discussion around points of disagreement or uncertainty
• Challenge the status quo
• Envision possibilities
• Allow yourself to experiment constructively

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