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2015-01 Quality is a Habit- Auditor said Print
January 2015

Compucon received an audit visit on 2015-01-22 from Telarc.  The audit was quite intensive and took many hours.  The auditor drilled into minor details for evidence and talked to various team members to obtain an impromptu impression to support physical evidence.

We obtained his letter of audit result on 2015-01-23.  He continued our ISO-9001 registration without any area of concern or non-compliance.  We are particularly pleased with the comment he made in the report about the attitude and behaviour of our team members.  Please see this below.

The quality system continues to be maintained and improved in accordance with the company’s philosophy of continual improvement. It is under continual review and the staff are closely involved with its maintenance and development. It is true to say that the quality system has become a habit throughout the company.